The Classic Metal Cistern

Texas Metal Tanks
16299 Fitzhugh Road
Dripping Springs,TX 78620
 Factory visits are welcomed, but if possible please call or email in advance!
About Us
Texas Metal Tanks began in the 1930's in Yoakum, TX. After locations in Yorktown, Buda, and San Marcos, tanks are made in a 5000 square foot building just north of Dripping Springs, TX.
Over the years there have been a few modifications to the manufacturing process.  The slip roller which puts the grooves in the tanks is probably original.  The oldest tanks may have been soldered together, whereas now we spotweld and / or rivet the seems. Each tank is still formed by hand though!
Sustainability is a key part of our vision.  Unlike a plastic tank which may spend a thousand years in a landfill when they've reached the end of their useful life, our metal tanks are nearly 100% recyclable.  One way of looking at it is a 1000 gallon tank after 30 or 35 years could be melted down and with just a little bit of extra metal turned into a brand new 1000 gallon tank!  And they look great!

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