400 Gallon Cedar Wrapped Tank on Garden Ring:

 300 Gallon Tank on Garden Ring:

200 Gallon Tank with Basket:

- Tank Accessories
 These galvanized metal rings are great for flower beds or filling with dirt or crushed granite to elevate your tank.  Rings are designed to be 2" bigger in diameter than your tank.  Rings are approximately 10" tall, and can be customized.
Standard Rings:

Custom Tops: If you just need a top, give us a call.  We can manufacture a top between 30" and 100".
Metal Banding Material:  We sell 3" metal banding material if you would like to wrap your tank in wood.
If you are looking for a complete water collection device, we make a 200 gallon and 250 gallon wildlife waterer.  Also known as an inverted guzzler, these wildlife watering devices are made from the same materials as our classic galvanized cistern.  We use a larger top and invert it to collect rainwater.  Tanks come in two sizes:


The 200 gallon tank is 2’9” tall by 42” in diameter.  The inverted top is 6’6” in diameter.


The 250 gallon tank is 2’9” tall by 48” in diameter.  The inverted top is 7’ in diameter.


The 200 gallon tank will collect over 600 gallons of rainwater per year in Central Texas.  The 250 gallon tank will collect approximately 750 gallons.  Water is dispensed through a small pan with a float valve.  These guzzlers are still great for wildlife on your property, or they can be used as a remote watering system too.




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Popular Installation Accessories:
Leafeater Advanced - goes between downspout and pvc pipe to tank.

Mozzie Stoppa attaches to overflow.

Tank Level Gauge.